How Arnold Schwarzenegger Became the Greatest Bodybuilder Ever

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Yo what’s up guys!

It’s Mike and today I’m going to talk about how Arnold became the BEST bodybuilder ever! We all need this type of motivation, like Arnold, not many people have done what he has. So listen up and let’s all learn how to be like Arnold!

Video Breakdown:
0:12 The book “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story” is filled with all of Arnold’s dirt, you can check it out now for FREE at:
– Even if all you know is that he was a bodybuilder, he was in the movies and that he’s the “governator” you’re still going to love this book.

Did you know that Arnold’s mom thought that he was gay because of all of the pictures hanging up in his room of half-naked men?

Did you know that he snuck out of the Army just to go to a bodybuilding competition, won the show then snuck back in only to get punished?

1:18 So you think that YOU have a hard time building muscle and achieving your fitness dreams… he didn’t have anything, but knew what he wanted and just went for it!
– He was working out in the Army doing pull-ups, push-ups, etc…. nothing really!

1:48 Then he went on to try to become a movie start and got nothing but negative feedback.
– He was put down for the way he looked, his accent, how difficult his name was to pronounce and even the fact that he couldn’t READ the scripts!

2:32 Do you want to know how he became so great?
– He worked for it!

He brings a lot of good stuff out in the open that most people don’t know and that even more people wouldn’t want to admit to if it were them!
– It’s an awesome read!

4:16 This man is the reason that I’m here today, no joke.

Arnold’s 6 rules for Success

Rule 1 – ­Trust yourself:­
– Parents wanted him to be a police officer.
– Mom thought that he had issues because he had posters of oiled up half naked men.
– Father sent him to the army so he can get some discipline.

Rule 2 ­- Break some rules:
– Snuck off the army base to complete in a body building show, he actually won that show!

Rule 3 ­- Don’t be afraid to fail:
­- He made some movies that flopped big time (Hercules in New York, Stay Hungry, Last Action Hero) but he didn’t give up. Because of that, he also made movies that took off (Conan, Terminator, Predator, True Lies, Twins)!

Rule 4 ­- Ignore the Nay Sayers:
– They say that he couldn’t be a bodybuilder, that he couldn’t make it in the movies and that he couldn’t make it in politics.

Rule 5 ­- Work like hell:
­- He accomplished so many things not because he’s Arnold, but because he worked his tail off!
– He didn’t have any hand outs, any help or direction, all of his accomplishments was from working hard his whole life, and because of that, he’s a legend and his name will always be remembered long after he or any of us is gone.

Rule 6 ­- Give something back: ­
– Give something back to your community, state, or country. He gave up millions and millions of dollars by becoming governor of California so that he could give back to the country that allowed him to be such a success.
– He talked about his father-in-law, Sergeant Shriver (peace corp, job corp, legal aid to the poor) he said “tear down the mirror and look past yourself so you can see all the people who need your help”
– Him and his wife, Eunice Shriver, started the special Olympics in 1968 in their backyard in their Maryland home. Now there’s more than 160 participating countries with over half a million athletes in north america alone!

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